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Soothingly Colourful.

Wishfully Wonderful.

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Every delicious bite,

a sublime delight

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Soft, silky, sensational...

& irresistible!

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Enjoy the wonder.

A cool Thunder.

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Fruity, chocolaty, misty

& nutty joys!

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Taste that lingers in memories.

Allures you.


Welcome to a magnificent experience of rich taste & celebrate the finest moments of life.

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Cake of the Month

Chocolate Oreo

This month dare to dive into the magical filling of Truffle and Hazelnut topped with enticing Oreo moments in a Dark Chocolate Sponge Cake. Twirled around in wavy Chocolate strips, this beautiful and delicious confection is a feast for the eye, a secret to brighten your mood and a luscious treat in every bite.


Base: Dark chocolate sponge

Filling: Truffle, Crushed Oreo cookies & hazelnut paste

Topping: Oreo cookies & Chocolate garnish


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